A Week of #Beauty

Yep, I shrunk everything I do into a blog-sized graphic and I'm letting you in on the habits of my beauty junkie ways! My justification and explanation of everything is below! Do you use any of these? What is a staple of your beauty routine? Come and tell me on Facebook!

Jing Qi Shen Diamond Showered Mischief Youth Protection Elixir: the Haute Couture of Scientific Skincare indeed! Made up of elite antioxidants, collagen and skin renewing actives including botanicals and Willowbark Extract, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and results in super fresh, luminous skin. Can't skimp on the quality of your skincare - your face is forever!

Shu uemura Calligraph:ink is the ultimate in chic eyeliner pen. As with all shu uemura, the packaging is amazing. You get a little cartridge of ink to insert and then, with a shake, the brush tip fills with ink and you're ready to go. The fine tip means you can be super subtle, or build to a full cat's eye. Or you could get arty and make all sorts of shapes and patterns!

Shu uemura pressed eyeshadow: This precious green shadow is like the little forest of calm in
my morning routine. Yes, I can meditate on an eyeshadow! shu uemura do classy, minimal packaging with the focus on high-quality, high pigment colour and formula.

Orly nail lacquers: I'm digging neon bright Melt Your Popsicle for my toes and the subtle, pastel pink Cake Pop for fingers. Classic, pale tones for my  hands work best.

OPI nail lacquers: The new Hawaii range, aloha! It is awesome. Like I said, pale pastels for my nails work best and I am loving "Do You Take Lei Away?"

Kiehl's Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum is the bomb! I feel my skin tighten gently immediately and wake up with fresh open peepers, even if my sleep has been crap. Kiehl's have long rocked my skincare world and this is just another new addition that proves they are the elite in targeted and effective skincare. Do it.

Kiehl's Vetiver & Black Tea Fragrance is spicy, peppery and exotic. I love it for the earthy essence and fresh citrusy smell of vetiver. It is gorgeous UNgirly. Worthy of daily use!

Lancome Renergie Mult-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Feels silky smooth and velvety and I swear my skin is smoother. As you'd expect of a prestige brand, it's not cheap but it's worth every cent.

Dior Blush in Vibrant Coral picks up on my passion for orange! Plus, there's a bit of a marine-life,
underwater couture vibe going on in the fashion world at the moment. Rodarte put out a collection of shipwrecked princesses and exotic mermaids recently and I loved it. As with anything Dior, this is bold and dramatic but entirely beautiful and flattering. Tres belle.

Maybelline Kohl Liner in Coralista is bold, dramatic (notice a pattern here?) and so easy to use for either dramatic looks or super subtle fine lines to enhance your eye colour. I have green eyes with a smattering of hazely/blue so the intense orange of Coralista really enhances their brightness!

Maybelline Color Drama Lip in Minimalist is perfect for subtly exaggerating your lip line and flattering paler and olive skin tones in particular.