Scents of Summer

My morning routine prepares me for a workout and the rest of the day. I set my mobile phone alarm but usually wake up a few minutes before. Get up, wash my face, apply my deodorant before I potentially forget, eat breakfast then go through the fun part of picking the colours and scent I'll wear that day.
I have a rainbow and a full wardrobe of different sprays and lotions! I consider what I'll be doing that day and how I want to feel.

About 10 years' ago I discovered a Chocolate Chip Cookie scent and it smelled like it had bottled a bakery. It blew my mind! Ever since, I have been a true Demeter devotee. They bottle fragrances that are totally unique. Scents like Baby Powder take me back to being a kid and entering the bathroom after mum had showered to smell a room full of soap and baby powder. Fragrances are so strongly tied to memory!

This Valentine's Day, I am gifting myself some fragrances. I highly recommend you do the same! The sun is promising to come out and I'm feeling inspired to make my scent sweet and summery.
My picks are Clean Skin, Pistachio Icecream and Vanilla Icecream. All $29.50 from MU Australia.

I also adore Bliss - a brand I only discovered recently. The Blood Orange and White Pepper scent is to die for and I attack my fading self-tan with their Sugar Scrub! I follow it up with their Body Butter for the full Sicilian orange grove effect. Equally yummy and citrus-fresh is their Lemon and Sage Body Butter. If, like me, you are hugely indecisive, I recommend getting the Bliss You Butter Watch Out set of three scents. You might even share it...