#MoodBoost in 5 Steps

At the moment, I'm looking for digital creative and writing work and finding it really hard. I am fussy about what I spend my time and effort on because it's a short life and I want my work to be meaningful. Naturally, I apply for the really competitive and sought-after roles so I am not making it an easy road.

It is pretty confidence crushing to be out of work - not purely the constant "no money anxiety" but also the "what am I doing and what am I worth?" question that pops up at regular intervals.

So I have some steps that I know help me to remember that I've held great jobs in the past and I will again, that I'm teaching a class that I love, in which I meet people who are inspiring, fun and joyful to be with, and I am fortunate to know what I want to do and to have the qualifications and skills to do it.

Pilates Breathing

Often, unless you regularly do yoga or pilates, you don't take deep breaths riiiiiigggghhht into the lungs and exhale slowly. It really energises the body - bringing oxygen to the cells, cleansing the blood, awakening the internal organs and muscles, and feeding the brain. You will absolutely notice the difference. How?

1. Place your hands on the outside, back aspect of your ribcage and breathe deeply in through the nose to expand your ribs out to the side. NOT your belly! Your ribs!

2. Purse your lips and as you push the breath out gently, draw your belly button in as if your pants have just shrunk at the waist.

Yoga Backbends

Whether you are doing Wheel or Bow pose, or any number of backward bends, you are opening up and stretching the hips and the chest. These are areas that tighten up with a lot of exercise and also in times of stress and anxiety.

Omega 3 rich proteins

Eating fatty fish or any omega 3-rich foods are proven to improve mood, fight depression and improve the health of your brain, heart and hormones. Because your body does not naturally produce omega 3 fatty acids, you need to consume them or supplement with fish, krill or calamari capsules.

Endorphin boosting scent

As I've long suspected, the French know how to do everything in a superior way to the rest of the world (google Haute Couture if you need proof). My latest discovery is a fragrance enhanced with beta endorphins that directly impact your mood and sense of positivity. It smells amazing - spicy and floral and citrus tangy (tangerine and green cardamom) all at once. Valeur Absolue is exclusive to Myer and I absolutely recommend you get your hands on it before the rest of Australia discover it.
At the moment (Feb/March 2015) you get a free Amethyst Energy Bracelet when you purchase any of the Valeur Absolue range at Myer.

If your budget is a little less flash, but you still want a scent boost, I am loving Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme. It's thick, sweet with almond milk fragrance, and leaves you smelling like an almond croissant, which is a whole lot better than eating a stack of them to feel better!

Drawing, writing and creating

There is nothing like getting out the pencils, pens, textas and settling in for an extended drawing and writing session. You don't need to be Picasso - just get your hands dirty. Maybe it's knitting, or woodwork, or gardening. Whatever your creative passion - pursue it.