This move sculpts the chest AND abs in one go

The Single Arm Chest Press. You do want to! This is my Go-To move. By mastering it, you will be able to lift heavier chest weights when using a bar or weights in each hand. It requires strong abs to maintain your stability and to hold your torso and shoulder in a safe position.

Start on a mat on the floor if you are less confident in your abdominal strength and stability. Pull your belly button down like an anchor to the floor, slightly tuck your chin, bend your knees and plant your feet firmly into the floor. Push the weight up until your arm is extended, then lower until your elbow is just hovering above the floor.

If you're on a bench, the same rules apply. Lock your abs tight! Make sure you lower the weight until your elbow is in line with the shoulder and then push back up.

How many?
Do 10 - 12 on one side, then swap. Do this again until you have either done 3 sets or you're shaking and can't do any more.