Running on Empty and What To Do

Prior to Christmas and still, so soon after, I'm feeling a lot as though I've had my foot down on the accelerator but there's only a trickle of fuel to run on.


At the moment, I have some amazing, WONDERFUL things happening as far as job opportunities that I'm really excited about and the securing of a communal working space in a creative environment for writers, artists, business types and freelancers of all description. I have also come back to yoga after a lot of "Want to, no time".

BUT, I am being kicked in the guts by my current real estate agent and the financial implications are extraordinarily stressful. Not to mention the deceptiveness and really depressing show of human nature's worst side! I just want to leave so that I no longer feel threatened in my own home.

So, this "burning out" feeling is something I've been trying to overlook in the hopes it will fix itself, but it won't. I'm finally taking the necessary steps to look after my mental and physical health by doing the following:

  • keeping the coffee to one or decaf
  • drinking licorice tea. It is a herbal adaptogen which supports the immune and adrenal system, providing energy and calm
  • going to bed earlier - yes, 10pm most nights!
  • writing down what is really stressing me so that I don't spend all night waking up over it
  • booking massage - sure it's costly, but the body holds a lot of tension and looking after it is an investment in good health
  • including more yoga and stretching into my workouts rather than trying to do anything strenuous
  • reading inspiring books, magazines and blogs to regain some perspective and stop worrying over EVERYTHING!
  • taking calcium/magnesium supplements to strengthen my nervous system and improve sleep and muscle recovery

Adrenal Fatigue - and if you're feeling tired, restless, stressed, irritable and getting sick more often than is usual for you, this is a possibility! - can be overcome in as little as 2 weeks but may take 3 months or more.

Change what you eat. Change what you drink. Change what you do.

Here's your prescription:

Code Black Coffee Decaf : Look, if you're going to go for more than one and this is Melbourne, so you probably are, pick the BEST Colombian decaf and treat yourself by ordering online. If you're out and about, Code Black has a Brunswick cafe or a NEW NORTH MELBOURNE site! Get there. 119 Howard Street, North Melbourne.
Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm: Not in Melbourne or you want the convenience of ordering online? I love Mudbrick. Michael and Sandra are fantastic with their knowledge and passion for organic, healthy products and they are totally reliable for ordering and delivery. Get to

The Source Bulk Foods Camberwell: In addition to a whole lot of wonderful muesli options, grains, nuts and dried goods by the bucketload, this mecca in Camberwell also now stocks tea! Give your adrenals some love with licorice root tea. Sweet, super yummy and really good for you. 
They also have Byron Bay Whole Spiced Chai. 749 Burke Road, Camberwell.