5 Mins With Rachael Finch - Model, Presenter, Foodie and Yoga Lover


Big thanks to Rachael Finch, the lean, green and not at all mean TV presenter, model, new mum and foodie. She is super busy with her young family and her multiple media roles, but she has taken time out to answer my questions on health, fitness and lifestyle.

Rachael is studying Integrative Nutrition and has a wealth of knowledge on how different foods affect every individual uniquely. Yet another reason not to buy into fad diets or try to emulate exactly what the Victoria's Secret angels claim to eat.

How has your course in Integrative Nutrition affected your dietary choices?
Studying at IIN has given me a better understanding of food and how it affects my body. Integrative Nutrition emphasise the importance of 'Bio-individuality' where one person's food is another person's poison. I think the most important thing relating to dietary choices is listening to your own body and doing what's right for you.

What vegetables are must-haves in your fridge/freezer?
I have spinach, kale, cucumber and tomatoes in the fridge and peas in the freezer at all times. I think green is the most important colour to consume.

What kitchen tools get a weekly workout for you and what is on your list?
Misha bought me a set of global kitchen knives a few years ago for my birthday and I can't live without them. I also use my Vitamix daily for blending Violet's meals and making smoothies. I would love a cold pressed juicer at home!

How do you ensure you have adequate protein to fuel your active lifestyle?
I prefer to get my protein from vegetarian sources including beans, nuts, legumes and tofu. Occasionally I will eat meat and fish although my body thrives on a mostly vegetarian diet. I try to include a protein source at every meal and always prepare meals ahead of time, especially when I am on a shoot for work.

What style of yoga and pilates do you practice and what do you seek in an instructor/class environment?
When practicing yoga or pilates I always prefer an outdoor class because the fresh air adds to the benefits of the practice. I enjoy all styles of yoga depending on my mood and the time of day although vinyasa flow is a favourite! I enjoy instructors who are passionate about their practice and adjust sessions according to the day's energy levels.

Is the pressure to look model/TV ideal whenever you're in public ever a burden - how so?
I think it's unhealthy to constantly think about your appearance and try to be too perfect in the public eye. We all have good and bad days - it's the perception in our minds about what it important that matters.

What philosophy on food, wellbeing, fitness and self-image do you want your daughter to learn from you and Michael?
I want Violet to grow to be a confident, positive, strong and healthy woman who respects herself more than anyone. I would hope she learns from us that taking a holistic approach to health and wellness is key. This includes a balanced diet, active lifestyle, good relationships, laughter, a challenging career, even spirituality.

What qualities do you seek in friends and mentors?
I admire a long list of qualities in people close to me, but above all is kindness.

What qualities do you most prize in yourself?
I always aim to see the positive in every situation. I hope that this has a ripple effect on others.

What music do you listen to for:
a) relaxing - Jack Johnson, John Legend, John Mayer.
b) vigorous training - Beyonce, Nico & Vinz, Sia.
c) cooking - James Morrison, Boyce Avenue, Sam Smith, Emile Sande.

Rach xx