SLS Strengthen Lengthen Sculpt

So, you know I get super excited about new class ideas. I'm pitching this RIGHT now and need you to get behind it and wave your pom-poms about if you're keen to see it at your gym.

SLS - or Strengthen Lengthen Sculpt - is a mix of cardio, pilates and resistance work to build lean muscle, long muscles and leave you with that satisfying "glow" of sweat as you trot out at the end.

You will see results. You know I mean it if you come to Ballet Sculpt. This is like an amped up version of Sculpt! Let's get it on timetables. Let me know where your club is and request your Group Fitness Manager get in touch with me to discuss!

SLS. Strengthen Lengthen Sculpt.

A combination of cardio, pilates and light resistance work to sculpt your muscles, raise your heart rate and lengthen your muscles to leave you long, lean and strong.

Melbourne Group Fitness Managers can email me to discuss available times!