Movie Madness, Fashion Fest and...Portrait of a Ballerina

A Christmas break calls for a time-out from the world in general. I find this in my workouts, in my reading, but most of all in watching movies, documentaries and series that totally absorb me. I tried...I tested, I did the hard yards for you.

If you are...a Fashion Lover:

You’ve most likely seen The September Issue (9 times or so...), but it is a beautiful tribute to the relationship between Vogue editor Anna Wintour and her long-time eccentric sidekick, Grace Coddington.
Love your Vogue editors? Don’t go past ex-Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld in Mademoiselle C, which documents the making of The CR Book – Carine’s ultimate tribute to fashion in her signature rock chic/eyeliner and glitter style. Karl lovers keep an eye out for The Kaiser.
The Tents – big breath, calm down. It’s the New York Fashion Week film. That is all.
One of the the original street photographers, and a true valentine to New York fashionistas, Bill
Cunningham: New York is Richard Press’ once-in-a-lifetime insight into Vogue favourite, Bill Cunningham’s unique existence. He lives for photographing fantastic clothes and has no interest in going beyond the sidewalks of New York from his trusty bicycle. Will revive your passion for street fashion even though everyone seems to be a street style specialist.

If you Art House Mouse:

Tom Hardy in Locke. A one-man powerhouse, this is a movie just made for the theatre. Despite being in the car with Locke for the entire movie, multiple curious and dramatic characters are introduced via phone calls and the tension is palpable the entire time. I loved it.
Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda Swinton, anyone? Killer soundtrack to accompany a couple of vampires in Jim Jarmusch’s highly rated poetic follow up to Dead Man.
Doll & Em: a reality-cum-fiction series from writer/actress Emily Mortimer who plays herself as an actress who hires her best friend Doll to LA to take on the role of personal assistant. Exploring the catastrophic potential of paying your best friend to DO STUFF for you. We all know friends are free slave labour...come on Em.
The Lunchbox: So many of my class participants said this was heartlifting, entertaining and totally fun. So drop your beret and thick black glasses into the second drawer down and enjoy having a laugh at a film that doesn’t have serious arthouse credentials, but a whole lotta love.

If you are...a Ballet Sculpt Belle:

Come with me aboard Ballerina. This promises to be “an intimate portrait of five ballerinas from The Kirov”. Consider the insane political environment these dancers are working in, the hours of practice, the tensions of a whole lot of extraordinary talent in one small room and add a camera. I can’t wait.

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