Magnesium: Your Questions Answered

I take magnesium to assist with calcium absorption for bone and muscle health. I also love it for sleep improvement and a calming effect. Thankyou to nutritionist, Jess Sepel for answering all my magnesium questions. FYI, Jess is the ambassador for Nature's Way. I do use it, I advocate for it, but be aware that there are many magnesium products on the market and you need to read labels and choose what is best for your body!
The reason I like this product is because it is made from natural products rather than some of the more highly processed options out there that are less easily absorbed and the ingredients not easy to decipher. As with food, if you can't make sense of the label, be wary.

Who needs magnesium?
Almost everyone, in my nutritionist’s opinion! We just aren’t getting enough from the soils our food is grown in. Magnesium does incredible things for the nervous system – it actually calms it down so that it’s able to function as it should. It’s good for the heart, helps rebalance hormones, eases constipation, and even acts as an amazing muscle relaxant and sleep aid. It really is a divine mineral!

Why is it ideal in powder form?
Magnesium is best taken in powder form because it’s less work for the body to break down than a tablet. In powder form it is better absorbed by the body and is easier on the stomach too.

When is it best to consume it?
It’s best to take magnesium at night, after a meal.

While some say it is best combined with calcium, that’s not necessarily the case. Straight magnesium powder from Nature’s Way will be absorbed well all on its own!