Therapy By Scent and Skin

Truly, I am having an awful week on an epic scale. Personal, professional, everything is in turmoil and I just badly need some peace.

 Having tried and failed to get through a tai chi/dance workshop (it LOOKED great from the sidelines but my hip wasn't up for swivelling...a lot) I opted for retail therapy.
Here's what I tried and I am feeling much rested for it. Get on this train.
Olay Regenerist Skin Brush (UNDER $30!!) - because it cleans and whisks all that grime and outside world off WHILE being super gentle. Magic.
I am using it with Eminence Organics Serums for ultimate organic goodness and hydration. The scents are to DIE for. My picks are Green Tea & Guava, Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic and Eight Greens Youth Serum. Bliss.
I know there's a little while to go yet until the big tinsel-town of Christmas, but I don't care. I'm burning Urban Rituelle Warm Cinnamon & Cranberry Soy Wax Candle. It was a hard choice between that one and Lime, Basil & Mandarin but I made the call, eventually!

I'm distracting and inspiring my mind with two books concurrently: Quick Looks by Rae Morris ($16.95 @ Booktopia)who is the superstar of makeup backstage and editorial. She's up there alongside Pat McGrath and Kellie Stratton for amazingness. I'm also reading Pioneers of Digital for inspiration on marketing, media and advertising top creative minds.
Oh, fine, you caught me. I am scrubbing up with Palm Beach clove & sandalwood soap because it's Australian and smells divine.

I'm doing a course in Digital Marketing to update my rusty multimedia degree. I genuinely get excited and inspired by what's possible with digital and can't wait to dive into a more creative career. What's keeping you hopeful and inspired right now?