Make It Work: Where You Workout

I made no apologies for loving the gym. There's a whole treasure chest of machines, tools and open space, bars and cords and ropes that most of us don't have access to without shelling out for membership to the local recreation centre.
There are definitely some heavy downsides though - the likelihood that as soon as a woman steps into the weights area, the grunting will increase 200%. Some people, men and women, are unfamiliar with deodorant, and some gym staff get a little chilly while standing around and switch all the fans off.
However, since you're going to be the one who walks out with amazing triceps and pain-blitzing adrenalin rush 45 minutes later, this isn't so horrible.

In my class environment though, I love it to be light, clean, well-ventilated and designed to look and feel welcoming. To that end, I can't paint floral patterns or big geometric shapes all over the walls of the studios I teach in, but I can give them a little spritz of room spray and encourage mat cleaning! It's a small gesture. But it counts. I am LOVING Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Room Spray while I'm going from place to place. At home, I use the diffuser because it looks gorgeous. Find a store in Victoria or New South Wales.

I tote around Dr.Bronner's organic hand sanitizer spray. Gorgeous lavender scent and it's ideal for both gym AND outside the gym! It beats gloopy sanitizing ointment because you can spray surfaces, including the gym mats hundreds have used before you!