Bamboo: Green Is The New Black

I was watching a story on Catalyst (ABC Australia) focusing on the use of bamboo as an eco friendly fabric source for fashion. It is strong, durable and requires very little water. Turns out, bamboo has been used in medicine, construction and architecture. It's anti-bacterial and UV blocking. Perfect for wearing against your skin and definitely the ideal fabric for gymwear!
For the first time, I am wearing bamboo leggings ($24.95)! I am also now wearing Boody undies and socks. Super, super soft. Perfect for yoga, pilates and Ballet Sculpt.
If you watch the segment, you'll see that there is concern over the way bamboo is sourced and used in Australian products. Boody uses organic and plantation-grown bamboo. Their packaging uses recycled cardboard and vegetable-based ink. KNOW where your products come from! Follow Boody on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.