Primal Movement - The New Class!

The inclusion of "primal moves" into strength and cardio training isn't new. But there are very few dedicated classes and trainers who offer a specific program based on primal movement.
What is it?
Using the sorts of moves you engaged in while learning to move as a child, the movement patterns and styles of wild animals and really tuning in to your alignment, range of movement and ability to balance and sustain load under pressure.
Think of a lion stalking its prey, or a scorpion rising its tail...there is purpose and grace in these movements. They look effortless because they are deeply ingrained in daily behaviour. Primal movement takes the most natural patterns of movement and challenges us to identify our weak spots while honing areas we're strong in. For example, having a tough set of abs allows you to do a plank, but if you don't have flexibility through the hips, you'll struggle to bring your knee towards your elbow and maintain a one-legged hold.
Yoga and pilates already include elements of primal moves - elongating the limbs while engaging through the stabilising abdominal, back, glutes and hips are an essential basis for all the moves in these classes.
Downward dog, crow pose, cobra pose...all fantastic for strength and flexibility and great moves to include in a primal movement workout!
PMF is a 45 minute class developed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton.
In Sydney's Brookvale, Primal Movement focus on more than just movement, to include breathing, rest, nutrition and thought patterns into a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Find more info here

Try this move to engage through your core, stretching and strengthening the hamstrings, gluteal muscles and back. Ensure that you keep your shoulders back and down, your neck long and press down through the heels as you rise.
Of all the functional moves, this is the "Bend" action:

See examples of each of the functional moves at Dara Mazzie Fitness.

Keep checking the blog for further news on the class I'm designing to complement Ballet Sculpt...Primal Sculpt!