Ombre Oh Yeah!

Few of you have seen my hair OUT of a topknot! I've mastered the two second flip-it-up and pin-it-there. It keeps it out of my eyes, away from that workout "glow" and, like Dolly Parton once said, The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God.
Perhaps it just adds a little bit of height. Anyway! I have really dark hair but I get bored if I leave it all one shade, so the last 3 inches are lightened. I have just dyed them a very dark blond. If you want to achieve the ombre look too, take some inspiration from these celebrities and either trek off to the hairdresser, images in hand, OR get a friend to help you do it at home. L'Oreal have just launched the Wild Ombre range with the gloves, lightening treatment and brush you'll need all in the one kit. I recommend getting someone else to apply to ensure it is all even and thoroughly applied through the back. My shade is Wild Ombre 102: Very Dark Hair.
Since I am such a fan of the topknot, here's a step-by-step guide to the braided topknot care of the girls at Treasures and Travels.