Pastel Shades - Illamasqua

 Illamasqua is my addiction and I'm not alone - it's a cult favourite of anyone who loves makeup, colours, creativity and artistry in fashion and cosmetics.
I am lucky to have snared a moment with Frances Cutri, international ambassador for the brand, to get her recommendations on how to use my favourite colour pigments (love these! you can use for lips, eyes, cheeks - mix and match). The beauty of the pigments is you can use a little for the subtlest hint or build it up for a full-on lilac attack. I can draw or paint for hours - that pure joy of colours and details! If you're the same, make a beeline for Illamasqua at Myer. Also see their website.
I highly recommend that you follow Frances Cutri on Instagram - she is both stunning and an incredible makeup artist. See her work, left.

Vow pencil is perfect for the inner rim of the eye to cut out any redness and instantly brighten the eye. You can also use it under the brow to highlight and around the lips to make them appear bigger.
Androgen cream pigment is a warm orange tone and looks amazing on anyone with a warm complexion. It can be used on the eye, cheek and lip. It is also a great color correcter for cutting out any ashy shade or blue tones under the eye.
I am a shameless fan of In The Frow - check out how Victoria rocks Androgen! See images below.

Dab is a stunning soft purple. It is a cool tone and looks amazing on fair skin as an eye color, cheek or lip. It gives a very soft glowing look.
Cream pigments are also perfect as powder eyeshadow bases.

In The Frow: Illamasqua Androgen