ghd Pastel Collection - get jealous over Jade!

If you are, like me, a regular gym-goer, yogi, pilates princess or runner, you will know the frustration of frizzy hair post-workout. Or FHPW.

You will also know the deep frustration of never getting your hair to be perfectly straight and smooth in the same way your hairdresser does. But I have discovered the answer! Just in time for my newly tender, blonded locks.

This is the beauty of having a friend who is a fabulous hairdresser. You must, must, must invest in a ghd straightener. They are salon-quality, perfectly and evenly heated ceramic plates and able to create straight and curled looks.

Think of it like cost-per-wear. Not to mention that you won't have to constantly cut off your fried, split ends because they won't be fried!

I have to admit, it is the ghd Pastel Collection that sold me. Lavender (pale purple), Periwinkle (pale blue) or Jade (pale green) are your options ($249). Free delivery from the website - just register!

For stockists, call 1300 443 424 or go to
You can find hair inspiration from ghd on their Pinterest and Facebook

Still lightening my stubborn locks but the goal is pastel pinky-purple. Love your tips and advice if you have achieved the pastel colour look. Get over to my Facebook and leave me your comment!
If you're keen to achieve a bright colour, I recommend Fudge Paint Box!