Dame Viv Talks Vegetarianism, Saving Water....In The Shower

I love Vivienne Westwood. She opened the cult punk clothing store "SEX" that lead to the meeting between McLaren and Johnny Rotten and resulted in the Sex Pistols, for better or worse!
In recent times, as well as putting out AMAZING fashion ranges and scents, she has been very outspoken on political and ethical matters.
As well as keeping my showers short, I'll be reminding myself of Viv's world-awareness when wearing "Naughty Alice" like the true perfume addict I am. I also love "Boudoir" - even if the scent doesn't rock your world, the bottles are collector's items!

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This video sees Dame Viv jumping in the shower while discussing vegetarianism, saving water and just generally, being a conscientious human being. You'll feel better for watching it!

Naughty Alice @ Myer Online
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