Powerfully Pink

Isn't it funny that as a kid, I shunned pink and picked red as a statement colour and yet now, I love every shade from fairyfloss to fuschia? Perhaps it takes confidence to recognise that pink is actually a really strong colour and since it draws attention, you have to own it!
With that said, I'm taking the next step from pink leggings to pink hair. Not all of it! There is bleach involved, after all. Wish me luck. I go with Fudge paint box in Pink Moon in my arsenal.

If pink hair isn't your thing, you'll still be excited by Illamasqua's new homage to the glamour and beauty of pink with the Glamore Collection. Though I'm get to lay my hands on it, I have my eye on that killer shade of pink, Luster. Glissade looks amazing too - a deeper, less candy colour. You can find Illamasqua at Myer.

Illamasqua Luster and Glissade