Scent Etiquette 101

Daisy Eau So Fresh
My beautiful friend Hannah gave me a fabulous Christmas present this year (Daisy Eau So Fresh) and I wanted to share my new Summer Scent obsession with you AND give a little advice.

There are two extremes you must avoid when working out. 

  1. I Don't Need Deodorant. My Sweat Smells Like Roses.
  2. I'll Splash On Some Eau De Cologne. And More. And More.
We've all experienced working out next to one of these people, or being next to them on public transport or a party, or wherever you find yourself in a small, enclosed space with a smelly specimen! Avoid being this person. Wear deodorant - no excuses. And keep the scent to a light spray behind the knees.

That's class over! If you find yourself next to Mr or Ms Stinky - send them here for a lesson. If you're looking for me? I'll be leaving a trail of daisies wherever I go...