Hard As!

I have launched Project Nail Rescue with great success so far!
A couple of weeks ago I decided, if Rihanna and Katy Perry can live their busy, high demand lives with mile-long fingernails, I could learn to SMS without crying in acrylic nails. Have you tried to use a tiny keypad with mega nails? It's not easy.
Then I finally came to my senses, drenched my nails in acetone nail polish remover and peeled them off. My poor nails have been split and weak ever since! On the advice of a friend in the beauty industry, I applied Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails (RRP $9.25) and so far, so strong. No more peeling, chipping and random splits. If you do not have an entourage to do your Twittering for you, do NOT be tempted to get acrylic nails!

Now I can return to painting my nails every shade under the sun. Happy times.