Purple Passion!

You all know I love purple. I really do. It's my Power Colour.
So I went a bit wild with Rimmel Lipstick choices - so many good purples to choose from! If it's good enough for Kate Moss...well! They're so good and so affordable. Moisturising, intense colour and lasts through me talk, talk, talking non-stop. So my new lucky numbers are 016, 086 and 084.
I agree the pink nails could use a purple do-over but I'm having a love affair with Essie Fiji - pastel pink still makes me melt!

Rimmel Sugar Plum 086

Running Bare Shorts
You will also see that very funky wrist band - totally functional. it has a hidden pocket for a key. Great for your outdoor workout or holding the locker key, money for coffee, a USB disk...whatever you might need to conceal.
By the way, BIG love to my Ballet Sculpt lady wearing the Running Bare purple hotpants. They look incredible!
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Rimmel Amethyst Shimmer 084