Live Clean but Reject Regime

I have been introduced to a fabulous organic skincare range - in fact, my face is all gloopy with face mask right now! Live Clean is made up on natural plant-based ingredients with a healthy dollop of Vitamin C and botanical orchid.
I'm neurotic about good skin - I had acne as a teenager so I know how emotionally taxing and upsetting it is to deal with problem skin. I can honestly recommend Live Clean. I treat myself to the 15-minute clay mask after a night of too little sleep! The daily moisturiser is also a staple in my morning routine.
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Now, as far as living "clean", I hate preachiness and this whole "Eat Clean" phrase being tossed around is irritating me as much as the paleo obsession, which only comes second to the 5:2 diet. For god's sake! Can we stop with promoting the idea that the human body is toxic and incapable fo functioning without some extreme regime?
This whole "NO SUGAR" fad is also getting my hackles up. Sure, existing on jelly beans would be a terrible idea, but shunning sugar altogether is extreme and unnecessary. It will, however, sell a lot of books so well done Sarah Wilson.
Don't treat your body as "toxic" and don't rule out WHOLE food groups! There are plenty of healthy sugars that your body uses - in fruits, breads, yoghurts and spreads. You don't need to quit sugar, you just ought to moderate your intake!

If you're living an active lifestyle, but you feel like your diet isn't supporting your energy levels and weight goals, there are plenty of books on nutrition and resources like the Better Health Channel and Sports Dietitians Australia with free fact sheets. You can also find a dietitian in your area.