The Perricone Prescription – how you can incorporate it into the everyday

I’ve been reading The Perricone Prescription by Hollywood dermatologist and skin guru, Nicholas Perricone M.D.

While his regime is highly appealing, it is also designed for Hollywood women with unlimited money and a troupe of professionals to handle the food preparation, cooking, supplement purchase and organisation!
What I have done is taken the best advice from the Perricone Prescription and made it doable. Rather than follow a strict 28-Day Program, as Perricone advocates, you can make these part of your week.

What are the reasons behind the following ideas? Ageing is caused by oxidative stress, both internal and external factors. This program limits those stressors and actively fights them from within. It boosts muscle and tissue cell rejuvenation and youthfulness. If you are interested in the science behind Perricone’s “Wrinkle Cure” – his books are widely available and he also has a skincare line available at Mecca Cosmetica (PerriconeMD).
Here goes – you should see a firmer, clearer complexion in 2 weeks following these tips. Love to hear your feedback!

  • No coffee – it raises cortisol production which is stressful to the body and causes inflammation
  • Drink at least 2 cups green tea daily – excellent antioxidant boost
  • Eat Wild Alaskan Salmon – preferably fresh, but canned is fine. The high concentration of
    omega 3 fatty acids promotes healthy skin, brain, muscle function and all-round health!
  • Avocado, tomatoes, capsicums are all rich in antioxidants and skin-loving nutrients
  • Keep to a low GI diet (Glycaemic Index – indicating the level of blood sugar elevation in certain foods)
  • Drink water – a lot!
  • Broccoli,Spinach and Berries are superfoods – indulge like they’re going out of fashion
  • Stop scrubbing, acid-peeling and loofah-rubbing your face – breaking the skin down and sensitising it will only make you look like a British tourist who fell asleep on the beach in Darwin

Incorporate the following supplements if your diet is lacking in the RDI (recommended daily intake):
  • B Complex, Multivitamin, C, Zinc, Magnesium, CoEnzyme Q10, L-cartinine, Calcium, Selenium

To buy all of these in tablet form is Hollywood-expensive! I recommend you do your research into the daily RDI and food sources rich in these nutrients and plan your brekkie, lunch and dinner accordingly.
Finally, EXERCISE. It is not only going to keep you fit and flexible, but it will boost your beauty. The important thing to remember is, don’t go for long, marathon runs as your primary exercise. Do RESISTANCE training and incorporate STRETCHING. Tight, knotty and constricted muscles and movement only serve to ruin your posture, dampen your mood, and increase your stress levels.

I recommend including yoga, dance, pilates, tai chi and a tailored resistance-training program that enables you to fit 30 minutes of daily exercise in. Walking is great. Light weights in front of the TV at night if that’s all you can manage is great.
Go forth and rewind the clock my lovelies!