Microdermabrasion + Laser Treatment

There's a growing market for skin and body treatments that don't involve needles, anaesthetic or hours and days of recovery time. There's got to be a respect for the fact that time cannot be stopped, but there's definitely no shame in wanting to look and feel as brilliant as you can (without submitting to Botox or other injectables!)
Microdermabrasion at Australian Skin Clinics
The celebrities with radiant skin, along with models and fashion editors are always on the prowl for the best treatments and practices. For months now, I have been reading about microdermabrasion, facial massage, peels and retinoic acid formulas.
I regularly use a prescription retinoic acid cream (Retin-A) to improve skin tone, prevent blemishes and removal of dead skin cells overnight (ciao, blackheads).

I am super-careful about who I entrust my skin to so I chose to go for microdermabrasion at Australian Skin Clinics. They have operated numerous centres in Queensland but it is their first Melbourne store that I attended. Worth EVERY second and cent. I was ushered straight into my appointment and the 9-stage

process was thoroughly explained during a skin assessment. "Before" photos were taken and then all I had to do was lie down and let the professional do all the work.
Cleansing, a light glycolic peel and the actual microdermabrasion were painless and the whole treatment took under an hour!
What's it feel like?
The diamond-head microdermabrasion feels like a mini-vacuum buzzing over the skin. I didn't find it uncomfortable at all. Following a light peel and final application of SPF, I was good to go.
I expected to look in the mirror at a bright red face, but actually, it looked like I was wearing foundation! My skin was clear with just a slight flush, as if I'd been walking at a brisk pace. In fact, the morning after it looked even better.

The important post-treatment musts are to avoid harsh exfoliants and to use a SPF 30+ - the facial skin will be much more sensitive in the week following treatment.

I was so impressed with the results, I booked in to get laser treatment on some pesky capillaries on the bridge of my nose - nothing hugely noticeable, but with naturally pale skin, the redness is apparent when I'm not wearing any concealer. I figured, with the promise of a few quick zaps in the time it takes to order and eat lunch, I could fix an issue that bothers me at least once daily!

philosophy miracle anti-aging pads
For the next week and a half, I'm easing up on the exercise to avoid irritating the skin while it's recovering post-laser treatment. I'm also making sure to use BB cream for light coverage with SPF 50+
I'll take a little break from Retin-A and use a lighter glycolic peeling product like philosophy miracle worker anti-aging pads.

To read more and make any enquiries, go to Australian Skin Clinics or call 03 8672 5600