Classic Versus Experimental

Skip rope
I read a quote I really loved - Balenciaga designer, Nicolas Ghesquiere, articulated what he was trying to achieve with my favourite perfume (Florabotanica - so addictive).
"There is a real duality... between classicism and experimentation...I wanted to explore this paradox between the pure and the enigmatic further."

Kristen Stewart Florabotanica
It got me thinking - the same approach can apply to your fitness and health in general. Adopting experimental ideas and actions is the way to discover new and effective methods, but it's also important to remember that the traditional beliefs and systems are the most dependable foundation.

So, stick to some basics. Combine strength and resistance training with cardio training. Stretch after exercise. Stay hydrated. Eat vegetables, fruit, legumes, wholegrains and protein.

But challenge yourself! Routine wrecks results. Not only is it not working, it's boring! No wonder so many people sign up to the gym at Christmas and head back to the couch by February. How can you be experimental without taking unnecessary risks?
Fitness Tools
Join a class you haven't ever done before. Try martial arts. Join a dance studio. Go to crossfit. Join an adult gymnastics class (guaranteed, climbing that rope is JUST AS FUN now as it was then!)
Go buy some fitness tools and create your own circuit.

Finally, I've been told several times that I look like Kristen Stewart so perhaps I was always going to be a Florabotanica flirt. Can you see it?