Samantha meets David Wolfe: Raw Cacao Ecstatic Dance Party Report

Samantha is a nutrition student and life coach. She does my BalletSculpt classes a couple of times a week and I will be keenly awaiting her graduation so that I can recommend her professionally. She's making two F-words something really positive to talk about: Fitness and Food.
Herewith, her rundown of going to David Wolfe's raw food seminar and party in Melbourne.

Samantha and David Wolfe
For those of you who have not heard of the man himself, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is known to be one of the most leading recognizable experts in modern nutrition and raw food.  Wolfe does not believe in diets, he believes ‘what’s really important is what makes you feel good – it’s not a theory, it’s a feeling’. Coming from my own personal journey with food, I have to say I do agree with him.

At the beginning of this month I was lucky to be able attend David Wolfe’s all day seminar and Raw Cacao Ecstatic Dance Party. It’s inspiring to see him as so open minded to just about all topics. It is a great trait to posses. He covered many subjects such as government and politics, universe and fate, belief systems, food nutrition, illness, conspiracy theories, medicinal foods as well as listing many films and books on these topics.

On this note, there were a few things I jotted down on my notepad that were relatively simple but really did stand out for me. A few of them being ‘the universe is not rational’- meaning there is no logical explanation as to how and why things happen to us. The second one is ‘believe nothing and entertain possibilities’ – for instance he stated “I have many things attached to my cell phone which supposedly stop radiation, there is no evidence that they work, but MAYBE one of them does”.

We were continually reminded about how mandatory it is to ‘Stack the odds in your favour’. Through this he means eat, drink, live and exercise with intention behind every action you take. He touched base that many of us don’t really have true meaning and intention behind our everyday self care routine and daily tasks. An example he said was if your going to make your self a superfood smoothie for your breakfast, know that you are doing it to make yourself feel amazing and set yourself up for an awesome energetic day. I have always believed that your mood, energy and mindset you experience throughout the day are a direct result from what you ate for breakfast. It is known that our first meal of the day influences your brains neurotransmitters heavily.
Overall, David Wolfe is such an incredible man doing amazing things for our world. He is a true inspiration and sets incredible examples for today and future generations to come. I believe he and many others are creating a paradigm shift in our world, which really is a true blessing, because it is what our world needs.

WAIT! there was more, off course Mr Wolfe would not finish his time in Melbourne unless it was with THE ULTIMATE RAW CACAO MOST ECSTATIC DANCE PARTY YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO!

I and many others were lucky enough to score a golden ticket to this rare event he was hosting. As it was a drug, alcohol and smoke free event there were endless supply of superfood drinks and nibbles all containing the theme of the night, Raw Cacao.

Towards the middle of the evening there were some surprise guest African dancers who were incredibly talented. The fact that they can swallow fire still blows my mind!

On the whole, it was such a full on exciting day which I learnt so much from and have used a lot of what he told me to continue my own personal journey of growth, development and continuing in understanding our world and why it is the way it is. I feel so honoured to have met and heard him speak in person after years of watching him on my TV and computer screen. I cannot speak highly enough of him and recommend his events in the future.