Sweet and Waistline Friendly!

Apologies if you are not remotely near Fitzroy or willing to travel - this will deeply hurt you. There is a sweet, all natural, low fat and low kilojoule dessert right in the heart of Fitzroy at Berrissimo 360 Brunswick Street. If you're watching your waistline, have no fear. I asked the lovely Nat for the technicalities (fat and kilojoule count).
"We make our frozen yoghurt fresh onsite with low-fat milk and fat-free yoghurt. Our most popular flavour is the Original which has 370.56kj and 0.98g fat per 100g. The Wildberry has around 460.8kj and 2.08g fat per 100 grams. Our most popular dairy-free and vegan flavour is the Choc Mousse which has 455.5kj and 2.09g fat per 100g. We also have a range of fresh fruits and homemade toppings to choose from!"