Piercing Not A Plaything!

Sam and assistant at Hairhouse Warehouse
Piercing has become so ubiquitous it's almost astonishing NOT to see someone with a ring or stud. I still remember having to plead my case for pierced ears at the age of 12. Anyway. This is important - if not for you, then for your friend or child or partner who is considering getting a piercing.
I went to Hairhouse Warehouse because I'd done my research. Every tool and item of jewellery is sterilised using a high power autoclave system. They have won several awards for body piercing and their pricing is really good.
Two ear piercings
I went to Northland Hairhouse Warehouse and Sam did my piercing. He was funny, friendly and explained the whole procedure and hygiene/safety processes. Though it did hurt (well, there's needles involved!), the pain subsided quickly afterwards and I was given thorough aftercare instructions (antibacterial wash and spray twice a day, no bumping or agitating the area).
Why is this timely and important? Because it's essential not to end up with an infection or worse as a result of poor hygienic standards or training. ASK QUESTIONS!
Big thanks to Sam - love your work!