12 Weeks: Plan Track Record

Confession: I am a list-maker. There are reams of little notes all over my handbags, fridge and inside pockets! It's not that I have a shocking memory, I just keep imagining things or learning things and jotting them down for future reference.

When it comes to my workouts, I make a plan. I scribble down at least 3 strength/resistance moves I'm going to do. When I get to the gym, I don't just stand there ambling around for 3 minutes feeling the burden of choice - I go straight for what I planned to do.

I have found the PERFECT journal for doing this: The Fit Book. It's stylish, small enough to fit in a handbag/gymbag; has inspirational quotes; space for your daily nutrition plans; a weekly review section (the good, the bad, and the goals for next week).
  • plan for success
  • track your progress
  • reach your goals
whether you're an athlete, a wee little one, or a mum with one on the way, there's a fitbook
designed just for you. At Fitlosophy, there's also a range of fitness products to support your goals - FREE shipping over $50: GET STARTED and don't forget to SHARE YOUR PROGRESS on the Core Integrity With Cat Facebook Page.