Two Week Challenge: Spread the Love!

One of my personal training clients, Miss Y has taken on a 2 week challenge to drink no alcohol - not for anyone but herself. She's reported back that already she feels lighter, more energised and proud of herself! Not only that, her partner friends and family have been inspired to join her for the two weeks. Not easy - we have a culture of going to the pub or meeting at a bar for most socialising occasions. Miss Y has suggested that she meet with friends for a walk, coffee or tea instead.
So here's my challenge to you: what can you change in the next two weeks to feel better, improve your health, fitness and wellbeing?
Walk instead of sitting on a bar stool

Here's some ideas: let me know what you're doing on the Facebook page so we can be inspired by your idea and support you!

  • give up meat three nights a week
  • give up soft drink (even diet soft drink)
  • change your fitness routine - less running, more weights?
  • take up a yoga class once a week
  • book a session with a personal trainer to get a tailored resistance program
  • go for a walk on your lunchbreak instead of eating at the desk
  • replace your morning coffee with a glass of milk (protein + calcium!)
  • go for a walk around the block with the partner/kids/flatmate before dinner instead of TV
Resistance Training
Yoga Jaguar Pose