Tone your glutes, wear neon runners!

Leg moves
I have managed to cull my magazine hoarding habit to about 20. Looking back through some past issues I found some awesome leg and glute exercises! And as you know, strong glutes are essential to good posture, protecting your hips and back, and enabling you to run like a demon.

So, I scanned some leg moves I love and you don't need a gym. You could add dumbbells to the calf carver and total leg toner if you desire. My suggestion? Turn it into a circuit so that you're doing all four moves until fatigue, alternating from doing 12 of one move to 12 of the next and so on...

Also, I have been spotting some super bright sneakers around Melbourne and snapping them! I have been convinced white isn't always right. So...for your inspiration...

Fuschia Nike Free

Neon yellow Nike Free

Turquoise New Balance

Pink Asics