Bright Pink for Women's Health!

September 28th 2012 is Bright Pink Lipstick Day. Not just because I say so...because 22 year old Krystal Barter established charity, Pink Hope, in 2009 when she discovered she was genetically likely to have the breast cancer gene that both her mother and grandmother had. At 25, she had a preventative double mastectomy.

What does wearing bright pink lippy on the 28th achieve? It raises awareness - it acts as a reminder that women need to be vigilant in checking for any signs and symptoms for ovarian and breast cancers. Women need to ask their parents about family history of cancer too.

Revlon have joined forced with Pink Hope to get the message out there - so make it fun: take a photo of you and your friends in bright pink lippy and post it to the Pink Hope Facebook page or Revlon Australia (#brightpinklipstickday).

Find out more about Pink Hope and the Self Checks and Symptoms to be aware of.

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