Lady of the Lashes

X10Me Aniya
Last week I had the wonderful experience of being a first timer at X10Me salon in North Melbourne (356 Victoria Street).  The place is a little haven of girliness, gorgeously decked out with flowers, candles and a bright, simple interior that just says: “Relaaaax”.

I chose to have owner/beautician Aniya apply the Twinkle eyelash extensions in mink. She was gentle and attentive, ensuring that I was comfortable under my soft pink duvet.

Inside X10Me

Where the magic happens
The Twinkle flares out at the outer ends of the eye to mimic a more feline effect.
Not only was I thrilled with the gorgeous effect of longer, flirtier lashes, but there is NOTHING false looking about them! It just appears like a very professional application of mascara. Without the effort.  You have to love that!

Aniya is gorgeous – sweet, professional and happy to accommodate days and times that best suit you – from Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm  (03 9329 6648).
Join the X10Me Facebook page for special deals and updates on offerings and products. Next on my list? An aroma body massage...or a relaxation facial...or maybe an exfoliation with tropical oils...oh, the difficult choices!
I have some very special $50 & $20 vouchers for those who are willing to come and pick them up from Kew Recreation Centre! All you need to do is “Like” X10Me” on FB and tell me what treatment you desire!
Flirty Twinkle Lashes