Loving...Fashion Addict

As most of you know, I am a ridiculously talented shopper. I can just pick a good buy like the needle in the haystack (god, that cliche sucks...sorry, last coffee was 4 hrs ago). The haystack being a whole lot of dodgy stuff that looks good and doesn't match up when it arrives (IF it arrives...ahem, Clinique...ahem!)

Top of my list of totally dependable, affordable and super fast delivery? Fashion Addict. It's Melbourne-based (supporting the hometown!) and the range of products is awesome. I have been experimenting with the BYS limited edition shadows which look like neon madness in the package but are ACTUALLY really subtle and easy to wear. True!

Electric Lavender
But honestly? Favourite favourite new colour? Electric Lavender. $3.95 worth of pure, purple joy!

Also - check out the blog for tips, trends and ideas. I am particularly excited about the Victorian Gothic revival in fashion. Any excuse to wear rosary beads and crosses brings out the 15-year-old goth in me. Hey, I still love Depeche Mode. Don't smirk.
Victorian Gothic