Interview with Rebecca Breeds

Actress Rebecca Breeds
She's madly busy, as you might imagine, but Rebecca took the time to answer my questions about her health and fitness. She will be familiar to most as a popular actress on Home & Away. She's also the brand ambassador for Running Bare

Cat: What does a typical week of training look like for you?

I have a gym membership but [I] like to train outdoors as much as possible (I'm a nature girl). I'll go for a fast walk or run 3-4 times a week outside and then alternate that with classes at the gym maybe 3 times a week. I have a rest day.

Rebecca Breeds
Do you participate in classes and if so, which ones do you love?

I love the pump classes, light weight, high reps for tone and strength. Pilates and yoga are a must for lengthening and relaxation and I also love the boxing/combat cardio classes. I feel bad ass!

What are your gym bag essential items?
Towel, water, headphones, RB hoodie, phone and deodorant.

How do you care for your skin and hair?

I have a great Elizabeth Arden 8 hour moisturizer which is very effective so I use that once a day on body.
I use a combo of face moisturizer and rose hip oil (especially in winter). My skin tends to be more dry that oily so I need something that will sink in and oils are very effective. I try and stay away from parabens and put treatment in my hair when I can.

Will you be at my Pump or want to have a personal training session with me next time you're in Melbourne?

Would love to but I have a feeling you'd whip my butt!