Sweaty salutations

Bikram Yoga
Back to Breathe...more my pace!
I did my first Bikram Yoga class this morning! Let me get it out in the open early: this is not the yoga for me. I felt extremely uneasy watching participants get red-faced and need to flop into "corpse" pose regularly throughout class. For 85 minutes of the 90 minute class, I desperately wanted it to be over! I can't even say that I see this experience as yoga. This class felt like self-flagellation. I know that it is popular. I know that it has physical and mental benefits for many participants and I respect that. We all ask something different of our practice. I want to feel challenged, but also energised and invigorated, celebrating what my body can do and the feeling of being part of my class. The rapid-fire delivery of instruction was passionless and it most closely resembled the calling of a horserace! "Higher, leg higher. Go deeper, higher, stop. 3,2,1...bang, bang, bang!" So, not for me, but it DID satiate my curiosity. Thankyou to Lily for the opportunity - our next stop is back to Breathe Wellbeing! I also love barrebody.
Have you done Bikram? Does it work for you? Leave a comment!