How do you recover?

After many, many months, out of desperation I booked a massage yesterday and it was worth every cent and more. I had been getting a tingling sensation down my right arm ever since my back incident a few weeks ago and despite my doctor shrugging and the pharmacist handing me some antihistamines, nothing worked. Because the upper limbs are related to the cervical spine when it comes to nerve issues, I decided manipulation to release any compression or tension around the neck might make it better. No tingling in the last 24 hours! Sometimes, we know our bodies better than any professionals and authorities (do NOT avoid your GP on this basis!). Anyway - I find massage is my ideal recovery of choice. Even if it hurts like HELL at the time (trigger points to release infraspinatus? TORTURE)
How else do you deal with muscular pain or soreness?
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Acupuncture (doesn't work for me, but some people swear by it)
  • Hot/cold showers (alternating hot and cold blasts of water)
  • Ice packs or ice baths (no thanks)
  • Foam roller stretching (great for the ITB)
  • Magnesium/calcium supplements (great for those doing endurance training and vegans)
Foam Roller ITB release