Eating all about the mind!

So, today I did a great workout. Gave myself a pat on the back, beamed with pride and went on to eat TRIPLE the amount I normally eat! Felt physically awful, but more than that, I felt soooo guilty. This is no way to feel when it comes to food and having overcome a serious eating disorder several years ago, I refuse to wallow in guilt over bad choices. I have to admit, when I find myself anxious or upset by things, as unhelpful as I know it is, I still head for the fridge 60% of the time! Unfortunately, knowing all the facts about food and nutrition is not a safeguard against making unhealthy choices.
The reason I'm writing about it is because I want you to know that we all have habits and relationships with food, and sometimes it takes really bad choices to make us assess what that relationship is about and what needs to change so that it isn't doing us damage physically or emotionally! I hope by being open and honest about it, you feel that you can be too, even if it's just with yourself. I know you haven't been big on responding to my posts, but I'd love to know how you deal with stress and anxiety in healthy way! I'll just have to accept that today wasn't a good one, but for the most part, I do make choices that nourish me and that I'm proud of. I hope you can say the same.