Aerobic Cleaning: The New Zumba?

There was an article in WSJ recently on aerobic housecleaning (Exercise in Utility: Cleaning House the Aerobic Way for Fun and Profit). Stevie Markovich, 57, incorporates squats, lunges, high-kicks and couch lifting into his regular fitness regime.
So, initially, I thought Good on you, buddy! How resourceful! But then I thought, there are just too many things that can go wrong here. What if you're on your own and you get trapped under the couch while trying to bench press it? What if you are actually really weak through the core and you're only worsening all those vulnerable back issues just waiting to cause you permanent aches, pains and injury? So what I want to know is, how can you avoid gym fees and spandex, and stay fit SAFELY? My vote goes with:
  • hitting up the library for some fitness dvds (yoga, boxing, salsa dancing!)
  • going for a jog in the local park and then challenging yourself to a round of chin-ups on the monkey bar and tricep dips on the bench
  • joining any free local council fitness classes, running groups or postnatal exercise groups
  • using the skipping rope that is getting dusty behind a pile of old tax returns (guilty)
  • using your bike to get from A to B when it REALLY isn't worth driving!
Got more? Let's hear them!