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The rise of eating disorders in Australia is crippling individuals, families, hospitals and also, the economy. There are boys, girls, men and women who are smart, skilled and have the potential to be dedicated, committed and valuable members of the workforce. Not only does work give them an opportunity to establish healthy, independent living but it benefits the workplace to support people who are eminently capable and to prove their genuine support for Australians who are struggling with mental health conditions.

A body positive workplace requires an agreement for management to undertake training on eating disorders prevention, symptoms, health and psychological issues and also to commit to an environment within the workplace that is Body Positive. This means no "fat talk", hiring or dismissal based on physical attributes, challenges or competitions around fitness and food (ie. "No sugar" challenges, walking and fitness tracker challenges).

 Presentations to staff and management on a Body Positive Workplace are available. See form below.

A Body Positive Workplaces representative can meet with management and staff to discuss their attitude towards being part of this commitment, what it means to them and how they feel they can contribute to body positivity and what they praise or have any concerns about in their own workplace.

If your workplace wishes to be listed on this site as a Body Positive Workplace - they will be provided a logo for their own website, and a meeting will be arranged with management and/or HR. 

In practical terms, being a Body Positive Workplace would require the workplace to offer a body positive environment, some flexibility for men and women who are in recovery or identify as recovered from an eating disorder. Their privacy would be paramount. Any appointments with health practitioners would be respected and enabled by the employer. Any employees wishing to undertake training on eating disorders support, prevention and awareness would be provided by an accredited body and can be arranged by a representative of Body Positive Workplaces Victoria.

Please feel free to direct enquiries to Cat Woods.

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