Music For Yoga Practice

I am an unashamed lover of Om Aloha on Soundcloud. By the way, are you following me? Do It Now.
In the meantime, have a listen to Dances of Unity - sure, it's an  ideal soundtrack for practicing your headstand, but it also doubles nicely for writing articles (everyday), tuning out your co-workers (occasionally) or responding to emails (every hour!)

What I Listen To For Inspiration

Are you a podcast junkie like me?
Do you just love a bangin' good dance mix to get you through a circuit routine or a cardio session?

I've got you covered. There's so many free music and radio resources. You could even learn Spanish while you're sweating it out! Here's my pick of what to listen to and I'd love to know if you have recommendations for me. Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you listen to and love.

Soulcycle on Soundcloud

If you can't be in one of these cult cycle classes, you can tune in to the remixes and playlists that make the grade in LA, NYC and Chicago.

The Do LaB on Soundcloud

An LA company that is behind interactive events and exhibits at festivals like Lightning In A Bottle - get into these playlists stat.

ABC Radio National Podcasts

You can call me a nerd, but this is a great way to tune in to politics, culture, science, economics, news and current affairs either for the whole show or just snippets you want to tune into. I love RN Breakfast, All In The Mind and Pats Karvelas on RN Drive.

BBC Global News and Business

Twice daily on weekdays, this is a round-up of what's happening around the world both in news and also in business. I tune in via iTunes but you can listen directly from the site or via iPlayer. The business pods are really interesting and meaty discussions on business and I haven't found an Australian podcast that can do this HALF as well.

Move Beautiful

An Australian pilates and movement podcast by physiotherapist and pilates pro Lana. She has over 20 years experience in pilates, rehab and movement for ultimate health and wellbeing. She takes a really joyful, curious and considered approach to the body and this podcast is really enlightening for teachers and those with a general interest in alignment, pilates and strength.

Beyond The Movement: The Pilates Podcast

No longer current, BUT these back episodes are a great insight into the purpose, benefits and business of pilates and the body.

Workout Music - The Guide

Just like I cannot dictate exactly what you should DO for your workout, I cannot dictate what you should listen to.
I can direct you to where to find music though. I'm very eclectic in my tastes and it's important to match your music to your mood, your workout goals and importantly, your music taste.
I can't tell you how many times I've kept running/pushing/holding on because a really killer track comes up in my playlist and I just have to get to the end...of...that...track (phew!)
Here's some picks.
Also, have to give props to the Philips ActionFit Jetkit - earphones that stay in your ears while you're working out. Essential. 

Major Lazer is Diplo's reggae/dubstep/trap project. It's very bleepy, loud, banging and great for:
  • running
  • high intensity intervals
  • rowing
  • kettlebells
Listen to Major Lazer The Workout Mix on Soundcloud. Find Major Lazer on iTunes Podcasts

I love Sascha Fitness on Soundcloud for consistently reliable dance/electro mixes - they're continuous so you can just keep on going without going "Is that another 3 minutes down? I wonder if the next song is 4 minutes and 15 seconds... is this over yet?"
Listen to Sascha Fitness on Soundcloud

The last time I did my own vinyasa yoga practice (eep, over a week ago. Where is my discipline?!) I listened to Outkast. It's not for everyone, of course. I'd opt for something that connects me with the history and spiritual roots of yoga - chants, traditional Indian instruments - but also with a beat that enables me to get lost in the rhythm. Love Durga Dub by Playadusta on Soundcloud.

Got any recommendations? Share them with me in the Comments!