Bulletproof Coffee and Fat

Fitness fanatics come up with some extreme concoctions to fuel their performance. Remember Sylvester Stallone in Rocky gulping down raw egg whites?

I genuinely believe in coffee as a performance enhancer. Not only does it boost energy and adrenalin if taken at least 30 minutes before activity, but it also acts as a pain buffer if consumed afterwards. It can alleviate some of the muscle pain you experience without impeding recovery or results.

I also know, and there is ample evidence to prove, that omega 3 fatty acids are essential to a healthy, nourished brain, lubricated and strong joints and vein/artery and heart health.
They are also vital to optimal hormone function and it is important to note that the body does not produce omega 3 fatty acids so your diet is the only source of this essential element.

My preference is to drink black coffee - on ice, in this weather - and to eat plenty of omega 3 rich foods, with an additional supplement.

In the morning, I grind up strong Code Black Coffee beans - now, I SHOULD use a proper grinder but I use my blender and leave it going for long enough to make sure the grind is fine - and make plunger coffee.
No sugar.
I drink 2, perhaps 3, half an hour to an hour before I leave for the gym.

I eat salmon, avocado and plenty of dark green veg at both lunch and dinner, all of these rich in omega 3 fatty acids. With my meal, I take Nature's Way Fish Oil, Krill Oil or Calamari Oil. These are all omega 3 fatty acid supplements.

In this serious heat Melbourne is getting at the moment, I take my black coffee on ice. You can make it at home or do it yourself in a cafe (my preference!)
Simply order black coffee with a big glass of ice on the side.
Pour the coffee over the ice.
Throw in a straw.
Voila! Coffee El Eskimo.

However, if you are all for the extreme and ironmen, triathletes and serious crossfitters are your gurus, you might want to try bulletproof coffee. I don't drink it and I don't actually like the idea, BUT I know there are some serious athletes who are all for it and I respect them so if you are an endurance athlete who doesn't get enough fat in your everyday diet, this is for you.

Blend your coffee with:
a tablespoon of skinny coconut oil and
a teaspoon of grassfed, organic, unsalted butter.
For taste, add a dash of vanilla and stevia for sweetness.

What's the goal? To take the stimulating effect of caffeine with the slow-digesting, rich in fat for extended energy without the jittery effect that caffeine can have on some.