All Natural, Super Fresh Skincare

Following the recent nasty scare with frozen berries in Australia being discovered to contain bacteria causing Hepatitis A, with sickeningly unhygienic practices in the Chinese factories they are packaged in - it has been so much more important to ask HOW our products are made and WHAT is in them.

Just as we are sensitive and vulnerable to the ingredients in the food we eat (and anything else in or on it!), our skincare is also a major factor in the functioning and health of our body.

Skin is the largest organ of te body and up to 70% of what is lathered on it gets absorbed. Many skincare chemicals can effect the endocrine system, disrupting the optimal balance of hormones. A study in 2009 found that woman used over 500 chemicals a day on her skin - forget detoxing from wine, your liver is working overtime to detox your bathroom cabinet!

The answer is to use skincare that is as organic and natural as possible while still being really effective. Various ancient cultures have relied on the science of natural ingredients to cleanse, moisturise, heal, protect and colour their faces and bodies. Many cultures still do share their philosophy and knowledge of natural skincare. It is key in naturopathic and ayurvedic beauty practices.

Tristan Fahey founded the incredible Rubifresh skincare as an "all natural, high performance" range for Australian women. Our skin is regularly exposed to hot, dry sun but also the environmentally toxic office life of computer screens, harsh lighting, airconditioning at all hours and polluted city travel.

I have been using the:

Weekly Face Mask. Combined with water, this powder turns into a delicious-looking oatmeal paste with almonds, goat's milk, chia seeds, french clay and lavender. I leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash. My skin feels all smooth and soft for hours AND the couple of spots I had have shrunk in only two uses. Magic!

Body Scrub. Time to take off the remains of my fake tan requires heavy
duty scrubbing so I feel much better knowing the job is done with green clay, juniper, organic camellia seed oil and avocado oil. Raw sugar and fresh chia seeds combine with lime and spearmint to provide natural exfoliating action - happy body, happy environment.

Daily Face Scrub. I love, love, love this. Bright crimson with cranberry and mint, it takes off makeup in the evening or wakes up my skin in the morning. Be careful to wash the last traces of cranberry paste off if you don't want to look like you've been at a zombie party.

Cleansing Gel. Gentle but totally refreshing. Great for sensitive skin and for those days when scrubbing is not a great option. Highly recommended for skin both young through to older, less robust skin. Pump action bottle is great for travel!

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