The Tea For Me

I am Melbourne born-and-bred so naturally, I love my coffee, but as of 6 or 7 years' ago, I am a Green Tea convert and try to have packs of leaf tea and bags at the ready at all times! I also love mint and licorice tea for their soothing qualities. I've just recently discovered Happy Herb Company in New South Wales as well as Herb Cottage and The Source Bulkfoods (Camberwell!)

Licorice Root Powder

Coming into FebFast, if your resolution is to STOP SUGAR or at least partially abstain, licorice tea is ideal. It is super sweet naturally. I use the powder because you can add it to cooking or smoothies and juices.
Benefit: Boosts immune system, assists digestion, supports adrenal system during times of stress
Where: Herb Cottage

Brainstorm Tea

I'm studying at the moment - just updating my Digital Marketing skills - and I can use all the natural help I can get. Brainstorm is a blend of gingko, gotu kola, brahmi, cornflower and green tea.
Benefits: Assists in memory function, focus and alertness
Where: Happy Herb Company

Tummy Tea

With stress and there has been STRESS lately, my digestive system goes a bit whack. So Tummy Tea not only soothes the beast, but it tastes divine. Minty fresh, licorice sweet and a touch of tang from the fennel seed!
Benefits: Soothes tummy pains, supports digestion, aids in immune support and stress relief
Where: Happy Herb Company

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is a potent brew! I know most people use it as a coffee alternative. It contains powerful antioxidants and has a high mineral content. Meant to be fabulous for general health and improving circulation, skin and hair quality.
Benefits: Immune, general health, caffeine-free, high mineral content
Where: The Source Bulkfoods