Saving Face - laser genesis and IPL for collagen renewal

It used to be a social faux pas to admit to anything so extravagant as Botox or hair removal to anyone other than the professional wielding the laser, but in an age of Kardashians with ever-changing faces, it’s inevitable that women (and men, to a lesser extent) are coming clean on how they retain their youthful appearance.

In the case of Kylie and Danni Minogue, fronting the latest Harper’s Bazaar, they look even better now in their 40s than in their teenage years (Google Neighbours, kids.)

A study from JAMA Dermatology found that in less than 1 percent of cases, injectables and lasers have minor side effects such as bruising, skin discolouration or lumpiness. In a review of 20,399 cases carried out by 23 dermatologists, Dr Murad Alam determined that only one procedure had resulted in unwanted side effects. Researchers warned that experienced practitioners were preferable in avoiding negative side effects.

In the interests of saving you time, angst and money, here’s what you need to know.

Do your research – that means ask around. If someone has eyebrows frozen in a permanent state of shock, find out where they get their anti-wrinkle injections and DO NOT GO THERE.
The point of procedures, from a simple facial through to anti-wrinkle and filler injections, is ultimately to look like you, enhanced. That means natural, not fish-lipped and frozen-browed. And whatever Nicole Kidman might say about not doing anything since a once-off with Botox many years ago, none of us are fooled. I suspect Keith is in on the appointments also... just saying.

Find out from the start what the costs are, the length of appointment and what qualifications and experience your practitioner has. Did they just complete a short course in using Laser? Can you see examples of their work? Many practitioners have portfolios of clients they’ve seen and the work they’ve done. Make sure you are talking about the same thing as far as what a procedure entails in the clinic and what the results will be.

Also, how long will the results last? I have frown lines that I don’t want to deepen so I justify a few hundred dollars as a procedure I only need to get done every 9 months. It also prevents headaches and I find I feel less anxious when I’m not frowning at everything!
I don’t want to look like someone else and that’s not what I set out to achieve. I just feel that in my early 30s, with an active lifestyle and a propensity to sleep badly and get highly stressed, I’m not doing my skin or my face much good with high quality skincare alone.

Megan @ Natural Look Medical Aesthetics
Though you must tread your own path, I highly recommend my practitioner in Port Melbourne, Megan. She is extraordinarily professional, and the amazing Sue works her butt off in the business she has founded and runs herself. I have so much respect for Sue and Megan's commitment to their clients and making sure every person is tailored to and receives the time and energy she’d be given as royalty.

Sue @ Natural Look Medical Aesthetics
Sue runs Natural Look Medical Aesthetics which has a really comprehensive website that hopefully answers your initial questions about what treatments are available, who they’re designed for and what they involve.

In my initial phone consult with Sue, I mentioned my concern over redness and dull-looking skin. She recommended Laser Genesis Skin Therapy, which reduces redness, evens out skin tone and leaves the skin looking plumper and dewier. This was a much better option for me than alternative treatments which had a few days’ downtime. This treatment is also recommended for rosacea, enlarged pores and treating acne scars.

The heated wand was akin to the feeling of the face getting a bit hot and flushed during Bikram yoga – certainly not painful but apparently some people do ask to take rests during the procedure when it gets a bit too hot. Depends how tolerant you are and how sensitive your facial skin is.

I had no redness 20 mins after and with a bit of tinted moisturiser, nobody was any the wiser!

The fabulous Megan (she really is!) then zapped some broken capillaries around my nostrils that were not majorly noticeable but they bothered me. My dad has the same issues that are made worse by sun exposure. I am really careful not to be in direct sunlight too much but hayfever can worsen the little collection of broken capillaries around my nostrils and the bridge of my nose. Thankfully, one zap “vanished” most of them instantly with the others to “coagulate” and be re-absorbed into the blood stream over the next day or so.

Painless. Friendly. Discreet. And there's a whole lot of fab shops and cafes in Bay St Port Melbourne you can investigate before and after your appointment - bonus!