Saturday Supercharged Food Session

I have the best of intentions around eating super-healthily, working out in a way that serves my body and meditating regularly and without boredom....

Sure, some days! What I've discovered is that if you make it easier to make those choices then it doesn't feel like such an effort. To that end, I collect recipe books that are beautiful, inspiring and most importantly, SIMPLE things I actually know I'll cook.

This weekend, I'm opening up Lee Holmes' Supercharged Food (Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian). There's over 120 recipes with vegetables as the main ingredient and they are simple, beautiful and appealing to both vegetarians AND non-veggies!

Lee Holmes is a certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and I've also mentioned her previous
books, Supercharged Food and Supercharged Food: Eat Yourself Beautiful. Lee writes for Wellbeing Magazine, The Huffington Post, Lifestyle Food and also won the BUPA Health Influencer Blog Awards in 2013 for

Because no epic retreat to the kitchen is really complete without a soundtrack, I'll be jazzing around to Chillout Sessions XVII. Because I make it my endless mission to have you feeling loved and prized here, I have a 3-CD Set to giveaway.

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