Summer I'm Ready For You!

I have my summer routine down pat, along with anyone who wears lycra more often than not! Here's my simple tips.


About 6 years' ago I bought a mini wax heater for home so I could nix the hairy legs and bikini line myself. An investment purchase and I definitely recommend it. I'm not a lavender girl so berry-scent wax is my pick. I use Caron wax (blueberry or strawberry) ordered online from Australian Waxing Company.


Wait at least 12 hours after waxing to exfoliate and apply your tan. Trust me! It will end up patchy otherwise because the tan can't evenly stain the upper layer of skin. If you're new to tanning, go for a Gradual Tan because it's much subtler and you can build it up over a week. If you're in need of a tan, FAST, do as I do and go for something like pureBronze Rapid Tan or any of the kickass JBronze range (their mitt is killer too!)


Time to drop the heavy scents or anything too spicy. Scent travels further and more intensely in the heat so give a light spritz behind the knees and back of the neck. I am loving Clinique's re-issue of classic Calyx: tart, grapefruit top notes inspired by the Mediterranean. Really unique floral/fruity blend with hints of orange too.

Keep your skin from being sweaty and spot-prone by cleaning it before and after a workout. Since you don't want to be showering 10 times a day, go for natural, Aussie offering "Green Tea + Vitamin C" Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes from Fuss Free Naturals. Super cute packaging too!

While I was updating my perfume wardrobe at Clinique, I also updated my mascara. Yes, those things expire and they are right up  next to your eyeballs, so be careful of that! Go waterproof. Go high impact. I discovered Clinique mascara because my mum swears by this brand alone, and I haven't gone back. Get your hands on the high impact waterproof mascara in Black 01. Available at David Jones.
Pucker up buttercup. You know I can't go past a cheap, awesome lipstick or lip cream or lip pencil! As we all know, my first lipstick was Australis and I still adore them. Homegrown and still making rockin' shades and gorgeous formulas. The latest round of VelourLips is out and I'm in love with pinky-mauve Lun-Dun.