First Press First Class

For coffee-vores like me, who can easily knock back 8 daily, the summer weather is less "Woo! Heat!" than "One espresso and I'll be sweating like crazy..."
Fear not.
There is a way to get your coffee fix that is YUM, delivered, super stylish and cold. Without icecream, sugar, syrup and all those other additions that turn your coffee into a breakout-making, belly thickening meal-in-a-glass.

First Press was the result of much cold-drip formula experimentation to make sure the single origin drop was less acidic and sweeter on the palate. It has paid off. My pick is Brazil. Not only do they get music right, they know their coffee over there.

You can find a local stockist in Melbourne, including a couple of CrossFit centres and Organic Grocers. If you want your local to get it, ask them to contact the boys at First Press.