Make It Big: Lip and Eye Magic

Short of actually getting stung on the lips by a bee, you'll have a hard time naturally boosting lip volume. I was totally sceptical about an off-the-shelf lip volume booster BUT I swallow my words, because my hairdresser was being very solemn-faced and serious when she declared I have "better lips than Miranda Kerr."
Considering lip injections cost around $300 as a very STARTING point, a trip to Priceline is going to be much better for your budget. Not to mention that nobody needs black bruising around their lips for possibly weeks!
If you see no difference, I will fall off my chair. Transformulas LipVolume @ Priceline

I decided to give a few eye products a test run too - I have been sleeping terribly (could be the 12 coffees...) so my peepers haven't been looking so white and bright. While I like the effect of Transformulas EyeLifting Gel, it felt like I needed to spend forever applying it to get any on my face! I prefer indeed laboratories eysilix. I'm seeing noticeably less puffiness and it doesn't cause spots or spread into my eyes overnight.
eysilix @ Priceline

Apart from spreading all manner of new things on my visage, I am also loving cult favourite MAC for lipstick. The bullet packaging! The old Pat McGrath videos and photos that remind me how amazing makeup is. If makeup is your weakness, get onto +MAC Cosmetics on Instagram. This is a photo of the MAC flagship store in Paris. I'll be sure to pass through next year!