Bexters Soda Crystals my balm...

With all the new-fangled recovery options out there - red light, heated boxes, salt lamps, ice wraps, $500 compression suits...we can forget there's some cheap, insanely effective resources at the supermarket or chemist.
Or garden.
But that's another feature!

The reason I'm shouting out to Bexters is they have a special application wrap to put your soda crystals in! It's perfect. I'm used to wrapping them up in a tea towel which can end in mess and definitely involves experimentation over size of tea towel and density. Save yourself the bother.
Still used by AFL players and ballerinas, soda crystals are perfect for muscular strains, swelling and achy joints. Though my hip is much improving every day, I know I'll get to sleep easier knowing the crystals are at work to reduce the swelling and ache from a day of activity.

Bexters available on their website or chemists.

Directions for Use:

There are two ways to use Bexters Soda Crystals: as a pack applied directly over a swollen or injured joint or in a bath to ease more generalised aches and pains

As a Pack:

  • Unfold the application wrap to reveal the pockets
  • Fill one or both pockets with 100g Soda Crystals depending on the size of the injury - do not add water
  • Wrap the pack around the affected area and secure with velcro straps
  • Leave pack on for a minimum of 3-4 hours, preferably overnight
  • Place a towel underneath the Application wrap to absorb any fluids

Use only on alternate days
Tests a small trial patch for skin sensitivity
Do not apply to broken skin or open wounds